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New mobile video platform technology for interactive experiences and added-value from video distribution

Project description

More interactive video platform technology

Mobile video technology has formed a massive global market but it still offers users a rather passive experience with few functionalities. The EU-funded Movi Player SDK project will support a revolutionary video platform that introduces a fully creative, involved experience. To the existing or new video products, it adds the cross-platform player API with features such as streaming protocol support for app developers, interacting Video on Demand, live streams, cross platform MPEG-DASH, HLS and progressive MP4, super low video start-up time and others. It uses exceptional analytics technology that helps developers, producers and distributors to invest smarter and improve their offer. With its state-of-the-art characteristics, Movi Tech aims to lead the new interactive mobile video market.


Current mobile video platform technology is very limited and only allows the viewer to perform simple operations such as play, pause, stop and seek forward/backward. This makes video consumption a passive experience and hampers the users’ freedom to play and ability to be creative. These limitations stem from the underlying video technology of Android and iOS mobile platforms, which is outdated.

Movi has created a revolutionary video player technology – Movi Player SDK (Software Development Kit) – targeted at making video consumption a truly interactive experience. We offer a cross platform API and streaming protocol support for app developers, with the best end-user experience (interactive Video on Demand and Live video experience), super-fast start-up time, with cutting-edge functionalities and features, increasing the user engagement by at least 3x. Furthermore, our system provides analytics to track and report user attention, e.g. identifying attention hotspots (in video time and space). This helps app developers and video content producers/distributors (our main target groups) to monetize higher and smarter.

The high growth in mobile video revenue ($48Bn by 2021) will be driven by advertisers seeking to reach an increasing audience of users consuming video on their smartphones and tablets. Movi´s unique analytics technology brings higher return on investment for app developers and video producers/distributors by e.g. the correct placement of ads (for maximized viewer attention/engagement) or production of better content. We expect the key market players to recognize the unique value of our platform and integrate our technology as a new standard. Our first mover advantage and unique team of experts in real-time graphics and video engineering shall position us ahead of competitors/new entrants. Full commercialisation of Movi Player SDK will be rolled out latest by 2021 with the help of the SMEi funding, representing a revenues potential of €100M by 2024.

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The organization defined itself as SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) at the time the Grant Agreement was signed.

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