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Project description

Innovation and competitiveness in Turkey

The European programmes delivered by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the EU member states as well as in third countries play a fundamental role in promoting innovation, competitiveness and expansion of their business activities to foreign markets. The EU-funded SOUTHINNOGATE project intends to promote a single, coherent and synergistic single market consisting of stakeholders from Europe and third countries active on a regional level. The project will deliver consultation services to SMEs across Turkish regions aiming to increase their competitiveness, integration, innovation and internationalisation. It will be coordinated by the Small and Medium Sized Industrial Enterprises (KOSGEB), an institution established in Turkey with the aim of helping the enterprises to increase their competitiveness.


The overall objective of the Project is to boost a single, coherent and collaborative Single Market that will be consisted of the actors of European Union and third countries at regional level, aiming the competitiveness, integration, innovation and internationalism of the SMEs in the regions of Europe. The acceleration of globalization, aided by the rapid development in information and communication technologies, improved access facilities and innovation factors present opportunities and challenges to small and medium sized enterprises. Participation into a Network and being the part of a single market can give SMEs the opportunity to attain financial stability, increase productivity and opportunity to expand their markets.
Cooperation within a network of upstream and downstream partners can enhance a firm’s status, information flows and learning possibilities, introduce new business practices and more advanced technology. On the other hand, SMEs’ involvement in a Network demands greater managerial and financial resources, the ability to meet international standards and the protection of in house intellectual property. SMEs need support to meet these challenges. European Enterprise Network will open a great path to SMEs in the region in support of business competitiveness and integration based on “nowrong door” concept. Within the framework of EEN Project and at Horizon 2020 the project consortium will aim to result that the majority of regional SME’s gain momentum from the point where there have low value internal dynamics to the point where perform with added value international dynamics.


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