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Support for Portugal’s SMEs

Support services provided to Portugal’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) under the EEN-Innovate Plus PT proposal in 2019 will continue to be delivered for the period 2020-2021. The services will be based on new approaches facing the challenges posed by the European Innovation Council (EIC) – from idea to investment. The EU-funded EEN-InnovationJourne project will consider the new challenges arising from fast track innovation (FTI) and future and emerging technologies (FET), which demand more expertise and instruments to lead the companies benefited from these programmes to the innovation ecosystem. The project will provide services to 179 SMEs that are beneficiaries of EIC programmes, SME Instrument and FET and FTI projects.


"The proposal presented by this consortium is a proposal based on the continuity of the work that has been provided within the framework of the EEN-Innovate Plus PT proposal, in 2019, and whose objectives remain and are intended to continue. It should be noted that during 2020/2021, we will initiate new approaches to cope with the challenges posed by the EIC - European Innovation Council – “From Idea to Investment” - which the EEN- InnovationJourney PT now incorporate into this proposal, under the “Consultation of Enterprise Europe Network on the Work Programmes for 2020-2021 COSME and H2020 activities”.

Considering the challenges of the EIC, in addition to the SME Instrument there will be new competition schedules to consider, from FTI - Fast Track Innovation and FET - Future and Emerging Technologies, which will require more expertise and tools to accompany companies benefiting from these programs, insofar as each addresses the needs of a particular community in the innovation ecosystem.

The challenges posed will require new approaches to the team, and therefore the reinforcement of stakeholders and partners (e.g. Clusters, Financial Institutions, etc.) - creating greater synergies and converting the Network into a ""hub and spoke"".

The envisaged outcome of this project in Portugal is to provide services to 179 SMEs in 2 years, giving priority to all the beneficiaries under the European Innovation Council - Horizon 2020 and its successors. The project will deliver “7-day service packages” to SMEs located in Portugal. The beneficiaries of EIC programs, SME Instrument, FET and FTI projects and its successors, will be supported by the partners, according to the geographical proximity of the companies. The KAM services will also cover the Portuguese Islands, Azores and Madeira, through the coordinator IAPMEI."


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€ 99 252,50
4100 442 PORTO

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Continente Norte Área Metropolitana do Porto
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Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)
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€ 99 252,50

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