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Mobile thermal energy storage based on recycled ceramics

Project description

Recycled ceramics help reduce heat waste

Saving heat energy is especially important, particularly in heavy industries where the heat waste can reach up to 40 %. Existing solutions offer massive potential but are applied mostly in large industries due to their high costs. The EU-funded EcoStock project proposes a solution for better energy efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, and low costs. It uses recycled refractory ceramics for energy storage, is elaborated with low-risk EcoStock technology, and designed as a safe and affordable solution. EcoStock targets a wide range of heavy industries from various sectors with waste recovery systems expected to reach EUR 58.8 billion by 2021.


Today heavy industries lose 20-40% of the energy they consume through waste heat. Above 200°C, these losses represent each year more than 4,000 TWhth, €200bn, 2,500 Mt CO2.
Waste heat recovery solutions have emerged: they offer massive potential in costs/energy savings as well as reduction of environmental impact. However, due to financial viability, existing solutions are mainly implemented for large industries & not compatible with all types of processes. Main challenge is to offer reliable, efficient & affordable heat recovery solution with reduced CAPEX & OPEX.
Our solution is based on 3 innovative concepts:
- The elaboration of ceramics from industrial wastes, such as refractory ceramics for thermal storage;
- The implementation of those ceramics in a thermal energy storage unit EcoStock. EcoStock is an efficient, affordable & low risk technology;
- The financial scheme design facilitating & de-risking the customer purchase, based on ESCO investment.
This solution solves one of the main challenges of the industry—increasing energy efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions & saving money.
Waste heat recovery is a global multisector market: 50,000+ industrial sites in various sectors are concerned & thousands of EcoStock units could be sold. The market size of waste heat recovery systems was €39.3bn in 2015, projected to reach €58.8bn by 2021. It is a high-volume market. underexploited because of high CAPEX & low flexibility of existing solutions.
To reach the commercialisation objective, the Phase 2 project budget is €1.9m for 24 months.

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