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Enterprise Lazio and Sardegna for Europe Smes Innovation Management 2020-21

Project description

SME innovation management for better market success

The market success of SMEs is linked to their innovation process and management and their access to finance. The EU-funded ELSE SIM 2020-21 project aims to support SMEs through a number of services involving key account management and enhancement of their innovation management capacity. To this end, the project will assess SME gaps and needs, facilitate the identification of a coach and the preparation of a coaching plan, and provide companies with project management and administration support. Furthermore, it will assess the innovation management capacity of SMEs based on performance and implement an action plan. The project will play a role in furthering European SME success on the market.


2020- 2021 will be the period of the “perfect integration” between COSME and H2020 services, aiming at accompanying the Client in a process of co-creation of a structured process for a company’s tailored service design commensurable with their strategy and vision. The process will take in account that the SMEs’ market success is strictly related to their compliance with:

innovation process, based on the following steps: conception (technology concept formulated, experimental proof of concept), protecting idea, designing the product, process or service, validating and demonstrating technology in laboratory and in relevant environment, demonstrating system prototype in operational environment, bringing the innovation to investment readiness and maturity for market take-up, launching it on large scale production.
innovation management, based on assessment, improvement, planning,
access2finance process and management, based on the SME’s capacity in successfully interfacing with investors (public and private) to attract grants and investment an correctly manage them, and on the Financial Readiness Level, assessed by specific tools and professionals.

EEN consortia partners will improve their action providing on site support to SMEs, and becoming a part of the companies
for assessing their capacity in the innovation management issues. The ELSE – SIM 2020-21 (Enterprise Lazio and Sardegna
for Europe- SMEs Innovation Management) consortium as a whole is able to provide the expected

Key Account Management
• Assess SME gaps and needs,
• Facilitate the identification and the initial coach-SME interaction to prepare coaching plan,
• Support companies in the project management and administration

Enhancing SME innovation management capacity ,
• Asses innovation management capacity based on performance,
• Action plan implementation


Net EU contribution
€ 46 837,45
00185 Roma

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Research Organisations
Total cost
€ 46 837,50

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