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Scale Up of a Game-Changing Hybrid Rocket Propulsion System for Sounding Rockets and Smallsat Launchers

Project description

Small, low-cost launcher and sounding rocket paves way for independent access to space

It is time to create greener, more advanced and low-cost technologies for rocket and launcher propulsion systems. The EU-funded HyTec project is developing key technologies for a small, innovative, low-risk launcher and sounding rocket. It uses cutting-edge and established technologies in safe hybrid rocket propulsion, along with an in-house built turbopump and sounding rockets to create an integrated commercial suit of products and launch services. The project also intends to promote and introduce hybrid propulsion as a safe, eco-friendly and cost-efficient alternative for small satellite access to space, which subsequently will create a unique differentiation advantage within the international launch market. The work will lead to the independent access to space as well as foster the growth of the local launch industry. Furthermore, it will complement European Space Agency satellite launch products.

Call for proposal

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Im Langen Grund
74239 Hardthausen Am Kocher
Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
EU contribution
€ 2 455 000