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Train pass-by noise source characterization and separation tools for cost-effective vehicle certification


Validated procedure for source characterization based on equivalent monopoles and tests involving generic sources.

Validated procedure for source characterization based on equivalent monopoles and tests involving generic sources.Specification of information required to define source strengths and directivity for implementation in the global noise modelling tool.

Project Quality Plan

Document with a set of project templates, explanations on the project management process, review process, quality checks, meeting organisation, which is communicated to all partners

State of the art, strategy for enhancing separation techniques.

In Roll2Rail a number of techniques were developed by the current partners for separating track and wheel noise components and these were evaluated in a field test. Based on the proposed requirements, strategies for enhancing each separation method will be defined by each partner. Hybrid methods combining more than one approach will also be considered.

Report on State of the art, strategy and requirements for new separation techniques

A number of methods for source separation were already applied in the past and have delivered results of different quality. The development of new techniques which present improvements and benefits in comparison to these techniques needs to be based on a detailed review of the state of the art.

Feasibility study of new concepts and approaches

Document with the results of the feasibility study, including a brief description of all approaches, designs and methods considered with an assessment of strengths and weaknesses and a final recommendation for the two preferred approaches.

Measurement plan

Document with a complete preliminary description of the measurement campaigns (for WP1, WP2 and WP3), including locations, vehicles, (target) schedule and a detailed description of the measurements and associated requirements.

Data Management Plan

Document describing procedure to ensure the proper management of all data produced by and used by the partners. Final version.

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