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All-in-1 “buffing & dedusting” machine for rubber industry

Project description

A washing machine for raw rubber

Rubber is a stretchy material that finds its way into countless different products – from swimming caps to elastic bands and waterproof shoes. The quality of raw rubber sheets hinges on the elimination of imperfections and the removal of dust from the upstream processes of cultivation and harvesting. Current practices (buffing and dedusting machines) consume high amounts of energy and provide average results. The EU-funded One4Clean project is developing a new 'all-in-one' machine to improve efficiency. It combines the functionality of separate buffing and dedusting machines into a single automated system. It doubles output, delivers 98 % cleaning efficiency and is environment-friendly. In addition to cleaning rubber sheets, this new machine can also be used to clean leather skin or textile fabrics.


Rubber is an easy-to-process material whose cost effectiveness makes it a most favoured product in several industries, as demonstrated by its global market expected to reach €30 billion by 2022 at a 4.6% CAGR. In order to satisfy the demand, suppliers and manufacturers of raw rubber sheets are continuously optimizing their processes, especially the finishing steps as clean rubber is critical to improve the quality of finished products. The quality of the raw rubber sheet is highly dependent on eliminating imperfections and dust removal from the upstream processes. Traditional cleaning in the rubber industry is carried out through independent buffing and dedusting machines which affect negatively product output rate, consume high energy, provide only average cleaning efficiency with multiple pass and dust emission causing environmental hazard.
MCR, expert in machine development, maintenance and retrofit for the leather, textile and rubber fields, is addressing the market need by launching One4Clean “All-in-One” machine which combines the functionality of separate buffing and dedusting machines into a single compact, automated stand-alone system. Compared to traditional machines, our innovation will double the output rate and delivers 98% cleaning efficiency in a single pass, while reducing workers allocated to machine operations by 50%, energy consumption by 20%, and dust released to a minimum. One4Clean is an environmentally friendly machine which will help customers to become sustainable through resource savings, low energy use, better air quality and working conditions in the factories. This first-of-its-kind solution can clean rubber sheet, but also leather skin or textile fabrics and will cost 15% less than traditional machines.
Our consolidated business plan indicates that we will sell 220 machine units after 5 years of exploitation, generating €17.2 million of accumulated revenues and creating 24 full-time positions in our company.

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