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Forthcoming Research and Industry for European and National Development of SHIP


Development and maintenance of FRIENDSHIP websites

This document will contain the description of the FRIENDSHIP webpage that will be prepared in the first months of the project. Task T9.1

Literature review of nanofluid based HTF focusing on stability at temperatures up to 250 °C

The review will find one or more viable nanofluids for, or suitable techniques for preparing nanofluids at, the given restrictions. T2.3

Dissemination and communication strategy document prepared

This document will contain the definition of the dissemination and communication strategy and tools to be used during the life of the project. All possible dissemination routes for the obtained results will be identified and used during the whole course of the project. Task T9.1

Initial heat pump concepts and integration principles for SHIP200 targeting heat delivery up to 200 °C (steam cycle) and 250 °C (e.g. CO2 cycle)

Development of steam and reversed CO2 Brayton heat pump concepts for optimum cycle performance and total system integration. The work will be performed conceptually by developing and utilizing in-house modelling tools for process simulation. Critical parameters like system performance as function of temperature lift and heat source temperature as well as system size will be determined. The integration of the heat pump into the main system will be evaluated and different concepts will be compared. The Technological Readiness Level, system size, costs, efficiency, performance and operational stability will be the key elements to analyse. Task T3.1

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