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Project description

Innovative tools for risk assessment and trade financing

Existing supply chains face several problems due to their old and non-accurate planning. As a consequence, dysfunction, losses and costs reduce the profitability and effectiveness of the sector. In addition, trade financing remains of limited accessibility for the wide majority of importers and exporters due to its high cost and represents a substantial obstacle for new companies to enter the market. The EU-funded ARM and AWC project proposes a cloud-based service that offers worldwide real-time control of any shipment. Two innovative instruments offer a reliable risk valuation profile about any freight shipment (Arviem Risk Management) and trade financing services between exporters/importers and investors (Arviem Working Capital).


Currents supply chains were designed centuries ago resulting in high of disfunction, damages and costs. Consequently, the system fragments and siloed the information between the parties within the logistic network, promoting a poor end-to-end data timeliness which often involve paper-based transaction trails and updates . This negatively impacts on risk assessments of each shipment. Hence, the trade financing is not accessible for the 80% importers/exporters due to its high costs, ballasting their working capital flexibility and becoming an entrance barrier for newcomers.

Arviem is currently commercializing a cloud-based service which provides a global real-time visibility of any cargo, monitoring with alerts, reporting and in-route shipment history integrating physically the whole supply chain. Based on the historical and dynamic data collected from our current business and leveraging Big Data technologies and low-cost cloud compute models, we will bring to the market two ground-breaking tools:
• Arviem Risk Management (ARM) provides a solvent risk assessment profile about any freight shipment to support the decision-making of cargo owners about route, time window, transport mean and/or carrier type.
• Arviem Working Capital (AWC) offers for the very first-time trade financing services between exporters/importers and investors, establishing fair pricing for financing each trade according to the reliable risk assessment provided by our ARM. This will allow the entry of new medium size operators as it will give a leverage tool for the current players by lowering their working capital needs through investors.

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