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Unveiling the properties of the first galaxies through their connection with the intergalactic medium

Project description

Modelling the birth of the first galaxies

How soon did galaxies form and evolve in the first years of the universe? What do we know about the first galaxies? There are still many questions to be answered. The EU-funded GalaxyConnect project will shed some light. Radiative transfer and hydrodynamic cosmological simulations will be used to model the connection between galaxies and the intergalactic medium (IGM). The aim is to understand the physical processes that drive galaxy outflows. Specifically, the project will focus on modelling metal absorption lines, which are a signature of galactic outflows. Since interpreting these metal lines is not easy (due to the degeneracy between the ionisation state of the gas and its metallicity), the project will calibrate the ionisation state of the simulations against existing data from the Lyman-alpha forest. This will increase our understanding of the nature of the galaxies that enriched the IGM with metals.


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