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Turning soils into stone

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - BioPetrify (Turning soils into stone)

Período documentado: 2019-11-01 hasta 2020-02-29

MeduSoil GmbH is an EPFL spin-off specialised in construction-tech, establisehd in Switzerland in 2018. Over the last 2 years we have developed BioPetrify, the world’s first ground bio-stabilization agent for subterranean applications able to offer eco-friendly and fast soil stabilisation that lasts. We have engaged in the development of BioPetrify international stakeholders and feasible clients who are willing to acquire it and several pilots have been developed and tested with them in 2018-2019. The overall aim of the project is to take BioPetrify from its current TRL6 to TRL9 and to market launch by 2022.
In this Feasibility Study, we have analysed various fields:
• Technical Feasibility: analysis of our existing pilots performance and results obtained; optimization of the stabilization agent’s recipe and production and cost. We have also defined the next steps required (TRL6-TRL9) and structured them in a 24-month Work Plan (tasks, timing, resources).
• Commercial Feasibility: a deeper knowledge of the current Soil Stabilization market landscape, key players, needs, competitors within it and our unique positioning. We have defined our customers (construction companies) and distributors, our current positioning and future, most profitable strategy to follow (indirect sales).
• Financial Feasibility: we have updated our company’s financial forecast for the first five years of commercialization, aligned with our commercialization strategy. Project budget for the next 24 months has also been estimated.
BioPetrify is a liquid agent that, once injected into the ground, reproduces and stimulates an organic mechanism based on the natural carbon mineralization process (bio-cementation). BioPetrify turns conventional, carbon-rich fertilizers for soils into a limestone stabilization agent that act as a binder of granular soils. The result of BioPetrify application is a strong, rock-like material produced out of typical soil to serve as a solid foundation. BioPetrify is the first soil bio-stabilisation solution able to combine in a single product offer: (i) high structural performance, (ii) long-term soil stability, (iii) cost-effectiveness, (iv) adaptability to different soils and construction works, (v) fast and easy implementation and compatibility with the most strict environmental regulations related to the quality of the groundwater and subsurface ecosystem.
BioPetrify’s vision is to earn a market share of 15%, currently dominated by cement-based and petroleum-based fluids which are used today for underground stabilization operations generating 104Mt of CO2 emissions per year. These are not the optimal solutions but the only ones that exists and Biopetrify’s goal is to fill the gap in the market by combining elements of technical innovation, economic efficiency and environmental responsibility.