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Development of Thermoplastic press-forming Tool for Advanced Rear End Closing Frame Prototype and Tooling 4.0 for Assembly and transportation of the Advanced Rear End Prototype

Project description

Cutting-edge tools for component manufacturing and assembly

Tooling sets play an important role in the component manufacturing industry. The EU-funded INNOTOOL project aims to develop novel tooling sets for the manufacturing and assembly of components corresponding to the advanced rear end closing frame prototype. The project will strive to improve current state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing processes by combining high-rate production, high automation and new thermoplastic materials. To this end, it will design several cutting-edge tooling sets and validate them through simulation. The innovative press-forming tool will be used in thermoplastic closing frame manufacturing, and the metrology-aided and sensorised tooling set will be developed for part assembly purposes.


The INNOTOOL proposal deals with novel and innovative development of tooling sets for manufacturing and assembly of components corresponding to Advanced Rear End Prototype Specimen. This demonstrator aims to improve current state of art materials and manufacturing processes, combining high rate production, high automation and new thermoplastic materials use. Regarding this main objective, several edge-cutting tooling sets will be designed, validated by means of simulation and manufactured. On the one hand the development of innovative press-forming tool is required for Thermoplastic Closing Frame manufacturing, including consolidation of stiffeners and press-forming of frame caps considering variable frame thickness. The novelty in this approach arises from addition of additive manufacturing processes, modular part design and press-forming process optimized thermal control strategies. These improvements are part of the progress beyond the state of art. On the other hand, an innovative metrology-aided and sensorised tooling set is presented for part assembly purposes. This tooling includes all the fixtures required for components handling, drilling, assembly and transportation tasks. Moreover, structure sensing and monitoring is enabled by means of force sensors and signal transducers. These signals will be analyzed by means of data analytics strategies to obtain useful information from process raw data. Fixture positioning which ensures part location and fixing are guided by external metrology approaches. This assistance enables to simplify and reduce structure complexity and costs meeting eco-design purposes.


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