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Development of innovative welding systems for structural joints of Thermoplastic matrix-based Composites

Project description

Developing an innovative induction welding system for aircraft fuselage parts

Door surround structures (DSSs) are complex parts of an aircraft’s fuselage. To obtain highly integrated DSSs and be able to weld assembly clips on stiffened panels, the EU-funded DEWTECOMP project aims to develop an innovative and efficient induction welding system. The goal is for the system to achieve a structural bond between reinforcement parts (gussets, wedges, fittings) and structural frames. The design will include supporting tools, automated devices, heating systems, end effectors needed to weld DSS frames to DSS fittings and clamping methods to ensure contact between welding surfaces. The system will be based on CETMA - European Research Center for Technologies Design and Materials technology.


DEWTECOMP project proposal objective will be To develop an induction welding system to achieve innovative and efficient way of structural bond of reinforcement parts (gussets, wedges, fittings) to structural frames to obtain a highly integrated Door Surround Structure (DSS), as well as to be able to weld assembly clips on stiffened panel.In order to achieve the main foreseen objective and system characteristics DEWTECOMP project will:
-Provide at the beginning of the project a comparison of the state-of-the-art welding technologies (i.e. Laser, Induction, Conduction, Resistance and Ultrasonic welding-but not limited to them) with a benchmark of maturity to justify the use of Induction welding CETMA patented technology vs baseline resistance welding.
-Propose and manufacture the most suitable and innovative system design for the induction welding technology to be applied for DSS, including supporting tools, automated devices, heating systems, end effectors required to weld DSS frames to DSS fittings and clamping methods to ensure welding surfaces contact. The induction welding system will be based on CETMA patented technology.
-Generate process parameters in such a way that delivers the relevant information to Topic Manager but keeps the industrial secret that will be part of the exploitation plan of the consortia. For instance welding parameters (temperatures, speeds, pressures, tolerances…) as well as the tooling list and materials required will be provided to Topic Manager.
-Manufacture and test coupons to validate the equipment and tooling.
-Delivery of the Prototype System and tooling set for manufacturing to the Topic Manager facilities .
-Carry on different manufacturing trials in order to proof the welding system characteristics
Support set up in the Topic Manager premises.
Follow up of the works performed by the Topic Manager until the end of the manufacture of a demonstrator compliant with typical aeronautical


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€ 477 500,00
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Research Organisations
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€ 477 500,00

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