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Satellite investigation services for the environmental legal/insurance market


While environmental legislations have multiplied across the globe, too often they mostly exist on paper. In Europe only, the gap between policies and practices costs society €50bn per year. The absence of available and reliable data to constitute evidence remains a major obstacle for the enforcement of environmental law. To face this challenge, we developed a market-creating innovation to help victims proving infringement of environmental law and/or assess the damage they suffered.

We analyse satellite data to produce reports carefully designed to be directly presented in front of a judge. The applications range from operational monitoring of deforestation & threats to protected habitats, maritime pollution as well as soil pollution. Targeted clientele covers all professionals seeking to have quick access to imagery proving infringement evidence in the frame of their environmental litigation case. Overall, we estimated our total addressable market (TAM) at 537M€/y.

Currently, we serve legal professionals seeking to prove illegal mining activities or prohibited forest exploitation (CybELE reports). In parallel, we are developing a new digital solution to detect illegal environmental activity (Cybele SaaS platform). A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) reaching TRL 7, the Platform of Observation for SEa investigations Deducted by Optical Network (POSEIDON), has been developed to constitute the first segment of the CybELE platform.

Our business strategy is to progressively shift from tailormade reports to automated products directly available via the SaaS platform. The general business model may be summarized as a “one-to-many cloud-based SaaS (Software As A Service) ensuring the distribution of EO legal environmental products and services to the B2G and B2B markets ”.

The focus of the project is to better identify the needs of the end-users on the EO environmental legal market in term of imagery and processing and to precise the specification of the SaaS platform.

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SME-1 - SME instrument phase 1


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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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