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Generic Engineering Analysis Model


The aim of the GEM project is to improve the efficiency of European industry by enabling engineering analysis methods such as FEA or CFD to be used more effectively within the design process throughout the product's life.

The project's objectives are to:

- Develop a generic engineering analysis model (GEM) for the exchange, data sharing and archiving of engineering analysis models. The GEM will be general enough to support a range of industrial applications, a variety of design and analysis methodologies, and facilitate the use of analysis results in the design model.
- Demonstrate the use of GEM in the solution of industrial problems.
- Contribute towards the development of international standards in the definition and transfer of engineering analysis models.
- Make use of existing tools and standards such as STEP, identifying their limitations in the context of supporting the concept of GEM.

GEM will allow engineering analysis data such as loading and material properties to be associated to the geometry model, independent of the analysis discretisation. It will also allow reuse of results from one analysis by associating them with the geometry model.

Work carried out within the project will include

- a review of data model requirements, modelling methodologies, geometric model types and implementation techniques
- definition of relevant demonstration examples from industry
- specification of the generic engineering analysis data model by first classifying the data types which can be employed in the analysis process and then defining the way which results of analyses can be represented in a general manner for reuse as input to other processes
- implementation of GEM in a range of CAD, analysis and modelling software
- demonstrations of GEM applied to industrial problems
- dissemination of results of the work, providing a guide for end-users of the GEM model and awareness seminars to provide insight into the potential of this development.


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