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Modelling and assessing the role of air transport in an integrated, intermodal transport system


Database structure

This deliverable will detail the structure of the database providing as well the complete information on the data sources their relationships to each other and all the data management techniques applied

Definition of use cases

This deliverable describes the identified use cases, the relevance across the different scenarios identified in WP3, and details the parameters to be analysed in the quantitative and qualitative assessment of Tasks 5.2 and 5.3.

Interface to modal choice model: methodology

This deliverable will describe the methodology designed to translate the output of the modal choice model into individual passenger itineraries. The methodology will be outlined starting from high-level ideas all the way to the implementation details, providing justifications of the design choices where needed. The deliverable will also provide the results of the data standardisation activities.

Demand and supply scenarios and performance indicators

This report presents the results of Tasks 33 and 34 ie the demand and supply scenarios the related passenger archetypes as well as the connectivity and performance indicators

Modal choice analysis and expert assessment

This report presents the results of Tasks 3.1 and 3.2, i.e. a synthesis of interviews of Industry Board members and other experts, the identification of drivers and the modal choice analysis.

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