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Transition metal carbides as efficient catalysts for methane partial oxidation

Project description

An improved catalyst for methane to syngas conversion

Methane remains in the atmosphere for a much shorter time than carbon dioxide, but it is 25 times more impactful. The partial oxidation of methane to syngas (synthesis gas) is a more efficient method compared to steam reforming, but there have been issues with the catalysts used for this process. The EU-funded TMC4MPO project will conduct virtual screening to identify catalysts that most likely display high activity, selectivity and stability at relevant reaction conditions. The focus will be on noble metal catalysts such as rhodium, palladium, platinum and gold as well as base metal catalysts such as cobalt and nickel, which are less expensive than noble metals.

Call for proposal

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Gower Street
WC1E 6BT London
United Kingdom
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 212 933,76