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Towards an Automated and exPlainable ATM System


TAPAS Validation Plan

This document develops a clear plan of the validation activities that will be conducted within the project for each one of the target domains (CDR and ATFM), including the scope of the validation, approach and methodology, relevant criteria to be assessed and human-specific measures that need to be gathered for the defined scenarios.

Consolidated Requirements and Functional Roadmap

This document will deliver a merge of contextual requirements from both the operational and technical use cases descriptions, as well as a roadmap of delegation of functionalities between human actors and the machine.

Use Cases Transparency Requirements

This document will consolidate the transparency requirements derived from the human machine interactions for each level of automation in the ATFM and CDR operational use cases, and that will need to be accomplished during the implementation activities. A first draft will be available at M6 for the ATFM transparency requirements.

Exploitation and Dissemination Plan

This deliverable comprises the planning of the dissemination, exploitation and communication activities.

TAPAS Use Cases Description

This document will describe in detail the use cases to be developed under TAPAS project: (a) from the operational point of view; and (b) from the technological perspective, providing also additional requirements and feasibility analysis of the solutions proposed.

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