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Advanced Engine Off Navigation


Intermediate Dissemination Report

Summary of communication actions within AEON project

Representative use cases

We will use the T13 concept of operations and further interviews with ATCos to define specific usecases that would be well suited to design and assess a supervision HMI The use cases will feature nominal and nonnominal situations and involve strong collaboration between controllers

Concept of Operations Initial version

This deliverable will be an initial version based on SPRINTEROPOSED Template Part I Solution description

Solution Assessment Plan

This task will define an assessment framework for the overall concept of operation This will includethe definition of the specific operational scenarios for autonomous and nonautonomous taxiing including nominal and non nominal situationsthe identification of the key performance indicators for the Capacity Efficiency Cost Human Performance and Safety areas and their related data sourcesspecification of success criteria for each indicatorThe plan will be defined according to the reached maturity level of the AEON concept

Description of the first validation platform

The document will describe the specific developments and the upgrades integrated in the simulation platform to demonstrate AEON concepts

State of the art

- State of the art on collaborative HMIs (ENAC) The AEON solution will involve collaboration between human actors and support automation as well as between human actors. This state of the art will set the starting point for WP3 implementation. - State of the art on multi agent systems and operational research for fleet management (TUD) This task will set the starting point for WP2 implementation. Both state of the art tasks will be summed up in a single deliverable.

Data Management Plan

This deliverable will evolve during the lifetime of the project in order to present the status of the project's reflections on data management. It will be based on the H2020 template

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