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Behavioural Economics for ATM Concepts


Data Management Plan

This deliverable presents the approach of BEACON for the data management, and details the data sources considered.

First model version and behavioural calibration

Prospect theory and hyperbolic discounting model parameters estimated and incorporated into a small simulation model

Database structure and data elaboration

This deliverable details the final structureof the database providing the information on the data sources and describes the data elaborations that wereneeded for the data analyses in other WPs

Industry briefing on updates to the European cost of delay

Technical report outliningthe major changes introduced during the update to the airline cost of delay calculation

Intermediate Concept assessment report

This deliverable presents an interim synthesis of the stakeholders' input and the conclusions and Recommendations stemming from the different work packages. This interim deliverable will record initial views and check format/content etc.

High-level modelling requirements

Technical report consolidating the results of Tasks 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.

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