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Energy and Seismic AFfordable rEnovation solutions

Project description

Creating market opportunities for seismic and energy retrofitting

The energy and seismic upgrading of Europe’s building stock can be costly and disruptive for occupants. Nevertheless, is necessary, since most buildings are energy-intensive, earthquake-prone and over 50 years old. The EU-funded e-SAFE project will develop a deep retrofitting system combining energy efficiency, seismic resistance, financial feasibility and other social-benefits. It uses a multidisciplinary approach integrating experimental research and participatory design applied to one real and two virtual pilot projects. The system will be linked to the development of a new value chain aimed at pursuing its market uptake while boosting public awareness on the importance of building decarbonisation and seismic safety.


e-SAFE defines and develops a market-ready deep renovation system for non-historic buildings, whose ability to uptake the EU market relies on the combination of decarbonization goals with earthquake safety (where applicable), indoor comfort, reduced implementation time and cost, affordable financial options, reduced occupants’ disturbance, increased aesthetic and functional attractiveness.
This is reached through an iterative process based on a multidisciplinary methodology, where traditional modelling and experimental research are integrated with tools for promoting financial feasibility, knowledge co-production, mutual learning and public engagement. The result is a new deep renovation system that benefits from the full integration between technological innovation and process-based innovation.
From a technological standpoint, e-SAFE integrates TRL5-6 technologies within a TRL8-9 upscaled framework, deployed and validated through 3 large scale pilot projects. The output is an abacus of innovative, tailorable, integrated solutions for energy-efficient deep renovation, with recyclable bio-materials and increased seismic resistance. The e-SAFE technical systems also enhance indoor comfort while significantly reducing primary energy demand.
Market uptake and public interest in deep renovation are than pursued via 3 process-based innovations: 1) a co-design protocol for future e-SAFE exploiters, to fully engage their customers in the finalization of renovation design, assisted by a newly developed ICT-based decision making tool; 2) an original dedicated value chain, where e-SAFE-related royalties are used by a new one-stop-shop financing entity for broadening deep renovation opportunities by providing to potential clients tailored financial solutions; 3) the generation of a public engagement protocol that makes every e-SAFE-based project an occasion to raise public awareness on the importance of decarbonization and seismic safety, while enhancing market opportunities.

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