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Energy and Seismic AFfordable rEnovation solutions


Report with e-SAFE requirements

This public report will include the main functional, structural and aesthetic features of the e-SAFE technical components needed to ensure their effectiveness, acceptability and actual compliance with EU regulations. The content of this deliverable will be the strating point for the design of the e-SAFE technical components.

e-SAFE website

This is the public project website for general communication purposes, both internal and external. A responsive design will be used to ensure a versatile use also on mobile devices. After its first release at M4, it will be revised on a two-year basis: hence, updated versions of the website will be released at M24, and M48.

e-SAFE visual material

This Deliverable consists in customised materials, tools, and templates developed to convey an effective project image and brand. It also includes a video presenting the e-SAFE concept and objectives, released at M4. A second video will be produced at the end of the project (M48) to showcase the work done, that is to say the pilot works, interviews with owners and occupants, financial scheme and business model.

Open Research Data repository

The Open Research Data repository is needed to comply with ORDP requirements set out in Article 29.3 of the Grant Agreement. This repository will be populated by the partners with data and metadata coming from research and monitoring activities, needed to validate the results presented in scientific publications. These research data will be accessible to third parties, free of charge, upon registration. The most convenient format for the ORD repository will be defined by the partners by M9: most probably, the repository will be managed through a dedicated section of the project website.

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