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Advanced Capacity and Demand Management for European Network Performance Optimization


Initial mathematical models

Initial methodology and solution approach to tackle the capacity allocation decision and demand (re)distribution, including initial (academic) numerical testing within the CADENZA simulation environment.

Initial CADENZA validation and feedback

Baseline scenario and the initial results from CADENZA and R-NEST case study simulations plus initial stakeholder feedback on CADENZA scenarios and preliminary results.

Initial TB concept and ADCB options

In this deliverable we present all variants of TB concept and ADCB options considered. We summarise expert assessment of proposed variants and criteria for selecting the most prominent options. For the selected options, develop initial conceptual models.

Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of results (PEDR)

In this deliverable we will set the guidelines and a roadmap for exploitation and dissemination of the outcomes of the project (deliverables, publications, etc.).

PEDR update report with initial stakeholder assessment and feedback

PEDR update report and consolidated initial internal and external stakeholder recommendations and feedback

Initial Airspace Users and Air Navigation Service Provider models

Initial AU choice models with trajectory optimisation and capacity provision models.

Data Management Plan

Data management plan (DMP) will detail data collection, handling, usage, storage, etc. during and after the project ends, in line with the DMP template and guidelines.

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Advanced Capacity and Demand Management for European Network Performance Optimization (CADENZA)

Author(s): Radosav Jovanovic, Nikola Ivanov, Frank Fichert, Arne Strauss, Xavier Prats, Soenke Mahlich, Xavier Fron
Published in: 2020
Publisher: SESAR Innovation Days 2020