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Linking Energy Audit Policies to enhance and support SMEs towards energy efficiency


Report on existing support measures for energy audits and energy efficiency in SMEs

The report will contain an overview of energy end-use policies and programmes addressed to SMEs in the participating countries including subsidies, administrative polices, investment funds initiatives, networks, general information campaigns including self-scanning, and benchmarking methods (i.e. possibility for SMEs to compare their energy use).

Report on energy audits market and main barriers in auditing SMEs

An analysis of the energy audits market and its main barriers will be provided. Both energy and non-energy barriers will be considered in the analysis.

Communication/Dissemination Plan

CommunicationDissemination Plan with Impact report as annual Annex This document will be reviewed in M122436

Report and infographic of the SMEs mapping

A state of the art of energy aspects related to SMEs will be provided. The following data and information, wherever available, will be gathered per sector at EU and National level: number of companies and size classification (according to staff headcounts), ownership structure, energy consumption, energy intensity, energy sources used geographic location.

Compilation of good practices

A compilation of energy audits and energy efficiency good practices will be collected and published Among the main criteria for the selection specific attention will be given to involvement of experts andor specific protocols such as IPMVP implementation of the energy saving measures addressed in the audit replicability of the proposed practice

Project Website & Visual Identity

The project website will integrate all relevant elements from all work packages and will serve as the public platform for all stakeholders to learn about the addedvalue of LEAP4SME learn about our work and discover the projects resourcesThe visual identity includes the logo icon and project slogan with guidelines specifying how visual elements are to be used on various communication materials

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Impact of Energy Monitoring and Management Systems on the Implementation and Planning of Energy Performance Improved Actions: An Empirical Analysis Based on Energy Audits in Italy

Author(s): Carlos Herce; Enrico Biele; Chiara Martini; Marcello Salvio; Claudia Toro
Published in: Energies, 2021, Volume 14, Issue 16, 2021, ISSN 1996-1073
Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
DOI: 10.3390/en14164723