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Synergies between transport modes and Air transportation


Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan of SYN+AIR’s M3

This deliverable is part of T6.1. This deliverable will describe the dissemination strategy and contain a logbook of dissemination activities executed during the project duration. The strategy will define how to reach specific target groups for dissemination activities and the content of appropriate dissemination tools (brochure, website, social media). The logbook will contain a brief report per executed dissemination activity.

Report on customer journeys

This deliverable is the outcome of T31 The user personas and customer journeys will be presented along with the methodology that led to their creation The questionnaire methodology for its creation and the determined mode choice tradeoffs will be presented The customer journeys will be used to analyse the dependencies among TSPs based on the fulfilment of the journeys

TSPs’ Collaboration and Data Sharing parameters

This deliverable is the outcome of T32 It will present the data collected during interviews with TSPs and the TSP workshop and the analysis of the data thereof It will include a collaboration best practices analysis and will list the motives hindrances and opportunities from collaboration coming from the data analysis

Report on planning and operational activities of TSPs

This deliverable is the outcome of T41 It will present the data required and generated by each TSP during the strategic pretactical and tactical phases along with the data properties

Project logo and website

This deliverable is part of T6.1. It will contain the website of the project for assisting dissemination activities and promote the visibility of the project to stakeholders. The project’s website will contain information and results of the project as well as the public deliverables of SYN+AIR.

Stakeholder Engagement Events M9

This deliverable is part of T62 It will present the actions and relevant information regarding two TSP workshops One workshop is related with WP3 and another will present the key findings of the project to TSPs These workshops will be held face to face or virtually if the situation does not permit travelling at the organizers or majority of the participants In each case the consortium aims to incentivise the participation of the stakeholders at these events

Project brochure

This deliverable is part of T6.1. The project brochure will contain key information on the project targeted to the public and stakeholders.

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