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Prehistoric Paradigms of 'Animalised' Art from Modernist Visions of Utopia to Post-History

Project description

Continuities of utopia in ancient, modern, and contemporary animal images

Recoiling from encroaching war and environmental destruction in the early 20th century, the artists of the historical avant-garde looked to the earlier cultures as exemplars of the peaceful coexistence of humans, animals, and nature. This fascination was reinforced by discovery of the Paleolithic cave paintings in Altamira in the late 1800s. The EU-funded PreAniMod project will investigate the relationship between avant-garde art, its prehistoric predecessors and today’s inheritors of this tradition in formal visual expression and philosophy. PreAniMod will open a dialogue between archaeology, Modernism, and contemporary art. In collaboration with the Arkeologisk Museum, University of Stavanger in Norway, the project will demonstrate how memory and imagination are as important as close observation in the representation of animal livingness and embodiment.


Net EU contribution
€ 214 158,72
Kjell Arholms Gate 41
4021 Stavanger

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Norge Vestlandet Rogaland
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 214 158,72