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Monolithic MicroColumn Gas Sensor System: a system for portable low power high selectivity gas analysis

Project description

Developing high-selectivity gas sensors

Micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) gas sensors have been researched and marketed over the last two decades, but their selectivity remains an intrinsic limit due to the nature of the detection principle. The EU-funded MicroColGaSe project aims to address this problem by providing high-selectivity MEMS gas sensors. It will therefore develop and characterise a novel microfabrication platform that enables the monolithic integration of a microfluidic separation microcolumn with a gas sensor fabricated with MEMS technology. This will result in a range of new enhanced sensors with a significantly reduced carbon footprint that will enable them to be embedded in consumer mobile devices such as smartphones and wearables.


Net EU contribution
€ 183 473,28
Via Santa Croce 77
38122 Trento

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Nord-Est Provincia Autonoma di Trento Trento
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Research Organisations
Other funding
€ 183 473,28