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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Process Enhancement for Reduction of Software Defects


The overall goal of the PERFECT project is to assist industry in establishing measurement-based initiatives aimed at evolutionary improvement of software development processes relative to company-specific quality goals.

Organisations committed to improve their capabilities and making use of PERFECT's results should be able to:

- define and implement a software process improvement plan based on quantitative quality goals
- improve the organisation's processes by feedback from development projects
- forecast quality problems based on experiences in previous projects
- reduce the number of defects in products by process enhancement
- package process technology for future use in the organisation's processes.

Projects committed to improve their capabilities should be able to use PERFECT's results to:

- define quality goals in quantitative terms
- plan, monitor and control the process according to the quantitative quality goals
- continuously improve the process during the project.

The technical objectives of the PERFECT project are to:

- define a general process improvement which integrates project internal feedback loops and organisational feedback loops using measurement as a basis
- define a common framework for expressing product, process and measurement characteristics of software development processes and integrating them for the purpose of quality improvement
- package existing defect removing development processes (eg cleanroom) together with existing experiences in order to make them practical for the organisation. This includes the identification technologies that are adaptable to specific processes and that can be measured in order to improve their effect
- define a decision support methodology for quantitative goal setting. This includes methods for evaluation of processes, return-on-investment models, quantitative goal setting, and making an improvement plan
- define a measurement and evaluation mechanisms to support process monitoring and controlling of software development processes
- use existing tools to support product and process control, namely process WEAVER, a tool supporting process management, and ADELE, a tool supporting process and product management.


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