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Failure Analysis Network of Companies and Institutes


FANCI aims to develop a European network of failure analysis laboratories. The goal of this network will be to raise the overall quality of the electronic devices and systems through the ever-improving process of understanding failure mechanisms and the impact of usage and usage conditions.

It is widely recognised that one of the main problems that electronic companies face today is the lack of suitable channels for information interchange. FANCI's primary concern will be to establish and maintain such a channel and to promote and coordinate the services it should offer. A measure of the success of the initiative will be how much FANCI contributes to smoothing communication, disseminating information, and sponsoring technology transfer and exchange.

The activities planned to accomplish FANCI's objectives:

Education: The high level of specialisation, the interdisciplinary nature of the problems dealt with, and the particular requirements of the people involved require the implementation of four different training modules:

- short highly specialised hands-on courses
- short-term secondments
- seminars, workshops, meetings
- educational modules.

Knowledge dissemination: A newsletter will be the channel for spreading information on research topics, describing techniques and equipment and serving as a bulletin board.

Service points identification: The network will aim to be the single point of contact for enquiries from companies and institutes requiring failure analysis services. A byproduct of this activity will be the setting up of databases on reliability, failures and failure mechanisms and on the skills, equipment and know-how available in Europe. In more detail, the actions will be:

- establishment of an inventory of techniques, expertise, procedures, specifications, etc
- identification of laboratories that can cope the future needs (in terms of equipment, techniques, etc) of European companies
- failure mechanisms research and enquiry
- consultancy for SMEs.

Liaison: The experience gained in operating the network will be complemented in longer-term activities in the form of recommendations to:

- the EC, on research topics and educational issues.
- other existing relevant groups (ie standardisation bodies, WOGOR, STACK, etc)
- component manufacturers/users, for the standardisation of the qualification procedures
- equipment manufacturers, for the study, prototyping, realisation and evaluation of new equipment.


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British Telecom plc (BT)
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