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Plug-in Electric System to Cut Emissions on Transportation


System innovation demos

The need to implement a significant number of demonstrations in different vehicle models relates to the importance of testing multiple operating regimes, different mechanical stresses, different energy requirements and different climatic conditions. This rigor applied in these pilots will result in a uniform solution that can be installed on any HDV, being able to handle with all the requirements imposed. AddVolt’s power pack will, therefore, be tested in several vehicles of different brands and models, in order to make the solution homogeneous and ready to be integrated by the distributors in all existing vehicles available in the market. Mainly, its adaptation for North EU countries and US Market.


In order to validade the business and go to market models we will get some paid pilots and test the convertion into clients.It will procure both the interest of final customers and, more importantly, that of OEMs and Body Builders.

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