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Plug-in Electric System to Cut Emissions on Transportation

Project description

Greener and quieter refrigerated trucks

Electrification of transport combines an energy efficient power train system with the opportunity to use any source of energy other than fossil fuels. The EU-funded project ADDPLUGIN is helping bring to market the world’s first plug-in electricity system for refrigeration trucks, vans, trailers and containers. Based on a patented solution, the technology start-up AddVolt has developed a cloud-connected device that can recover energy during braking. It can also store the energy in order to power the vehicle’s refrigeration units. This is good news for Europe’s 1.1 million refrigerated trucks that will be able to perform their cold operation in electric mode. The technology is quiet and easy to apply in all vehicles with refrigeration units. It is also fully compatible with hybrid, liquefied natural gas and fully electric vehicles.


AddVolt is a technology-based Start-Up responsible for the World’s First Plug-in Electric system which eliminates the van, truck, trailer and reefer container’s diesel usage. Our patented solution is an intelligent, non-invasive and cloud-connected device that recovers energy during braking and truck’s slowdowns (regenerative braking), stores it and powers the vehicle’s auxiliary units such as refrigeration units and lifts gates, emulating the power grid, reducing the trucks fuel consumption and dependence on secondary diesel engines. There are 1.1 million refrigerated trucks in Europe and over 4 million worldwide . The reduction in fuel consumption in the Heavy-Duty Vehicle´s (HDV) refrigeration unit allows for direct cost savings of 87-100% in fuel expenditure and an equivalent reduction in the CO2 emissions (demonstrated in real use cases). The reduction of operating noise and the reduction of maintenance costs associated with the extended vehicle life-cycle are also important benefits to be considered. Furthermore, the economic and environmental benefits of AddVolt solution comply with the EU goals of transitioning to a low-carbon economy. AddVolt’s technology is taking a step forward to the electrification of the transport sector, being able to work alongside with fully electric vehicles, increasing their capacity and autonomy.

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