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Contract-Ministry with the EA

Proposal and selection of lecturers, time and duration of each session Briefing papers to session chairmen/speakers/moderator

Monitoring project activities

Secured accommodation for all participants. Coordinating the arrival of lecturers and participants (Booking accommodation units, scheduling accommodation, arranging transportation from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport.). Event Agency under guidance of Ministry of Agriculture

Selection of thematic contents of conference and sessions

Selection of thematic contents of conference and sessions.

Manuscript for the conference execution

Detailed manuscript. With the exact timing and people in charge of every single detail.

Post Conference Communication

Report of the conference, photos and summary of lectures.

Briefing papers to session

Briefing papers to session chairman/speakers/moderator

Selection of lecturers, set up Agenda

Selecting a speaker who will be the speaker at the conference. Finalize the Agenda and define sessions (duration, schedule, etc.)

Tender dokumentation for public procurment

Preparation of bidding documents, preparation and preparation of contracts and framework agreements in the field of public procurement (Ministry of Agriculture) Signing of the contract (Event agency with Ministry of Agriculture) Project plan with financial and administrative data, contracts -Ministry of Agriculture Monitoring project activities -Ministry of Agriculture

Select audience

Select target audience and send invitation letter. The conference is open to all interested participants. Everyone will be able to register through the participating website. However, Ministry of Agriculture will make a list of people it thinks should be notified of the event and sent the invitation letter ( Other Ministries, Committees, Regional Associations, Local SME's ect.)

Pre Conference Communication

Pre conference communication canals. Social media announcements. Articles in news papers. E-mail advertisements.

Visual identity

Set up the visual identity and web design. Website construction, logo design and promo materials.

Coordination of the conferenc

Coordination of the conference- participants, accreditation, accommodation, transfer, conference enters, field trips

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