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"The bioeconomy covers all sectors and systems that rely on biological resources, their functions and principles all primary production sectors that use and produce biological resources (agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture) and all economic and industrial sectors that use biological resources and processes to produce food, feed, bio-based products, energy and services. Today’s bioeconomy is considered a central element to the functioning and success of the EU economy. In 2015, it contributed an estimated €2.3 trillion turnover, €621 billion value addition and employed 18 million people.
Croatia’s has a good potential to transitioning into a sustainable circular bioeconomy given its abundant land and marine natural resources. Croatia is now in the process of developing it National Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan. At the regional level, Croatia is also an active member of the BioEast Network working joint with other member countries on pursuing a common strategic bioeconomy agenda and partnerships in key priority areas. At the EU level currently strategical linkages to the National Agricultural and Rural Development Plan and the Post 2020 CAP are been identified. Furthermore, emerging EU initiatives such as the New Green Deal need to be discussed and evaluated to identify potential contributions of agriculture and particularly bioeconomy to this new approach. A more strategic and comprehensive engagement national, regionally and international is paramount to inform the evolution of the bioeconomy sector in Croatia.
The objective of the EU strategy for the bioeconomy of 2012 Is way to a more innovative and competitive society, in which. Better Masters of resources and in which food security can be aligned with sustainable use of renewable resources for industrial needs while ensuring environmental protection "". The Commission is 2017. Revised EU strategy for the bioeconomy of 2012. and concluded that the relevance of the strategy's objectives has been"

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