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EUROPA Working Group on Parallel C++


EUROPA aims to agree (and separately from this Working Group activity, implement) a parallel C++, ||C++, whose form will be agreed among its members. ||C++ will be supported by major European suppliers and will aim at becoming a de facto standard. The objective is not to standardise, per se, but to develop a rugged definition of a parallel C++ which can be supported in a wide range of uses and which has been verified as able to support the sorts of applications that future ISVs will want to build. The result will, in virtue of its wide acceptance, be widely used and therefore close to standard.

In order to maximise market acceptance, the implementation and underpinnings should be as widely accepted as possible. This will promote portability, maintainability and interest from systems implementors who wish to create bespoke systems. Additionally, (and perhaps crucially for solutions provision), it will give confidence to the end-user that the implementation is not simply vendor-specific.

In order to achieve its aims, EUROPA brings together a number of major users and suppliers in order to pool their experience of different applications areas. These will verify that the system, as defined, is robust enough to support various classes of applications, for example high performance database systems, large scale MIS systems, numerical applications, in which these vendors have particular expertise.


Queen Mary and Westfield College
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Participants (4)

Bull SA
Tour Bull 1 Place Carpeaux
92800 Puteaux
Cap Gemini Innovation
86/90 Rue Thiers
92513 Boulogne-billancourt
Intel Semiconductor GmbH
Dornacher Straße 1
85622 Feldkirchen
University of Ulster
United Kingdom
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