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Peripheral Nervous System Tissue Engineering for Medical and Cosmetic Testing Applications


POPD - Requirement No 1

POPD Requirement No 1

Tech Transfer Package

Tech Transfer Package containing briefing notes on each of the technologies and case studies for their application in cosmetic testing and ALS

Confirmation of validated technologies
Validation criteria development and testing of end products
Communication and Dissemination Update

Final report on the Communication activities in the project and the Dissemination work in the preparation and submission of journal publications and conference participation

Communication & Dissemination Update

An update on the Communication activities undertaken in the first year and the Dissemination work in the preparation and submission of journal publications conference participation etc

Training Plan

Training Plan setting out the supporting selfpaced learning and training programmes devised to support effective uptake of the technologies of the project

Interim update on Tech Transfer Package

Interim update on the development of materials that will support potential users in identifying the applicability of PLATFORMA technology to their needs

Interim update on Training Plan

Update on the activities to specify and design Training in the form selfpaced learning to facilitate uptake of technologies


Development of in vitro 3D brain models on laser fabricated scaffolds

Author(s): El-Tamer, A., Deiwick , A. ., Koch, L., Soriano, J., Hinze, U., Chichkov, B., & Koroleva, A
Published in: Transactions on Additive Manufacturing Meets Medicine, Issue Vol 3 No 1 (2021): Trans. AMMM, 2021, ISSN 2749-3229
Publisher: Infinite Science
DOI: 10.18416/ammm.2021.2109532

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