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Sustainable 5G deployment model for future mobility in the Mediterranean Cross-Border Corridor


Definition of 5GMed use cases

A report describing the UCs identifies concrete test scenarios listing the functional and performance requirements and identifying KPIs

5G-M ICT architecture and initial design

This report describes the planned architecture of the system to support the test cases derived from the project UCs including multiconnectivity aspects orchestration and slicing and the initial deployment plans

Analysis of 5GMed infrastructure requirements and 5G HO between networks & cross-border

This report describes the 5GMed ICT requirements HO scenarios recommendations and list requirements and KPI expected for the ICT infrastructure

Initial design for FRMCS and railways infotainment test cases

This report describes the FRMCS application and media functions required to support UC3 and UC4 in railways environments It describes the integration among these applications based on the architecture and describes the initial functionality of the applications

First impact report and plan update

This report compiles all dissemination liaison and communication activities during the reporting period including also the results of the monitoring and assessment strategy Any update in strategy and planned activities will also be provided as appropriate The preliminary exploitation plan will be provided assessing the first outcomes of the project

Requirements and initial design for automotive test cases

Report identifying requirements and describing the initial architecture of the system to support the test cases derived from the automotive UCs.

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