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EuRopEAn incubator for trusted and secure data value CHains

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Towards a data economy based on secure data

Europe envisages reaching a leading position in the emerging data economy and particularly in B2B scenarios. To do this, it must improve the essential preconditions of the data economy, namely the assessment, sharing and reuse of data based on security and trust. The EU-funded REACH project will launch a sustainable European second-generation incubator for data-fuelled start-ups and SMEs with the aim of developing innovative experiments within data value chains. The project will issue three open calls, expecting to attract more than 500 data-driven concept applications and select 100 business ideas. It will support innovative data-fuelled products and services, guide the development of robust companies that offer secure and trusted data, encourage revenue growth and facilitate access to equity-free funding.


Europe has an opportunity to have a leading position on Data Economy, particularly in B2B scenarios. Special focus must be placed on accessing, sharing and reuse of data in an environment of security and Trust, which are fundamental preconditions for the Data Economy. The support of pilot projects and innovation spaces for experimenting with cross-sector multi-stakeholder data innovation is therefore urgent. Efforts need to concentrate on the provision of trusted and secure privacy-aware analytics solutions allowing for the secure sharing of proprietary industrial data along with personal data. REACH aims to launch a sustainable European-wide second-generation incubator for data-fuelled start-ups & SMEs aiming to develop innovative experiments within data value chains. REACH will launch 3 Open Calls expecting to attract +500 data driven concept-applications and select 100 business ideas to undertake a 4-phases funnel Tech-Biz acceleration programme (EXPLORE - EXPERIMENT - EVOLVE - EXPOSE). REACH aims to support the generation of new data-fuelled products & services, drive the development of solid businesses, trigger revenue growth and foster the access to new funding rounds, by offering a full service pack consisted of: tech-training and experts, datasets, technological bricks for secure and trusted data value chains, computing infrastructures, business development training & coaches and up to €120k equity-free funding. REACH will demonstrate that Data Silos can be broken by enabling a multi-stakeholder cross-sectorial incubator to boost data-fuelled sustainable solutions, leveraged by the capacities of the best data-driven DIHs in Europe. Besides a solid consortium to access world class startups/ SMEs and deliver high valuable technological & business services, REACH integrates 3 DIHs and 9 public/ private data-providers and 2 private investor brokers. We aim to generate 10M€ volume investment for SMES creating 15 data value-chains delivering fit-to-market products

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