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Value Of Joint EXperimentation in digital Technologies for manufacturing and construction


D8.3 “Open call documents kit and third-party financing rules” (vI)

Comprises the information needed for the applicants to submit their project proposal (vI)

D1.3 “Safety regulation and standards compliance”

Brings together contextual and compliance requirements for safety.

"D5.1 ""System architecture and interfaces"" (vI)"

Focuses on the system architecture and the interfaces to be implemented through the two demonstration phases vI

D8.1 “Dissemination and Communication Plan (DC Plan)”

Presents the planning and description of the D&C activities.

D1.2 “Ergonomics requirements, standards and compliance”

Presents contextual and compliance requirements for ergonomics.

"D7.1 ""Demonstrator preparation"" (vI)"

Describes the activities carried out to organise the demonstrators in operational environments at the different facilities vI

D1.1 Emerging socio-technical and economic requirements and challenges in manufacturing

provides contextual socio-economic and socio-technical requirements.

"D8.5 ""Dissemination and Communication activities"" (vI)"

Provides a record of undertaken and planned DC activities collection of DC material produced evaluation of the KPIs and needed mitigation actions Two versions will be delivered and updates will be provided in project reports vI

"D9.8 ""Reports of online events"" (vI)"

Details the different activities conducted in T9.3, with the materials, attendees, feedback and impact assessment (vI).

"D8.4 ""Open call documents kit and third-party financing rules"" (vII)"

Comprises the information needed for the applicants to submit their project proposal vII

"D9.3 ""VOJEXT DIH network"" (vI)"

Describes the steps to build the VOJEXT network contacted DIHs members strategies and common activities vI

D1.4 “VOJEXT’s pilots: Definition and planning”

Addresses the contextual and technical definition and implementation plan for the industrial demonstrators.

"D6.2 ""Isolated demonstrations"""

Presents a summary of the demonstrations carried out for the different components and modules of VOJEXT

D3.1 “Environment reconstruction” (vI)

Reports on the study, design and development of new approach in the 360º three-dimensional reconstruction of environments (vI).

D9.1 “Catalogue of services offered by the DIHs and their ecosystems” (vI)

Presents a discussion on actual services and possible extensions in the first version and the newly implemented services in the final version (vI).

"D2.1 ""Customised robotic hands/grippers"" (vI)"

Demonstrates the development of customised robotic hands and grippers in line with the needs of the use cases. (vI)

D8.2 “Project web site”

Shows the characteristics of the VOJEXT’s website and internal web-based communication/repository tools.

"D3.7 ""People: understanding the movement of the involved workers"" (vI)"

Brings together the scene understanding approach including instance level human segmentation, human body pose estimation and well-defined gesture, behavioural expression recognition (vI).

"D4.5 ""SIM and SEM modules"" (vI)"

Brings together outputs from T4.5 and T4.6, describing the SIM and SEM modules (vI).

"D3.3 ""Object as part of environment"" (vI)"

Presents the (draft/final) version of the method to perform the segmentation, detection, recognition and 3D reconstruction of presented objects (vI).

"D3.5 ""Predictive tracking of key elements"" (vI)"

D3.5 “Predictive tracking of key elements” [TREE; OTHER; PU; M20] comprises the (draft/final) version of the predictive tracking of dynamic object with special interest in collaborative work, containing an explanation of key elements, algorithms developed, modular architecture, testing plan & validation as a unitary PEM element (vI).

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