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Networking Activities for Nanotechnology-Facilitated Cancer Theranostics

Project description

Promoting cancer theranostics research at Bioscience Institute in Serbia

The main goal of the EU-funded NANOFACTS project is to improve and streamline research capabilities and collaboration in the field of cancer theranostics nanomaterials and biosensor-based diagnostics between the Bioscience Institute in Serbia (BIOS) and leading European research institutions. This action will advance and strengthen pre-existing links with the partner institutions expand the research agenda at BIOS. Different hands-on training activities for BIOS researchers will be organised at partner institutions, while lectures and workshops will be hosted in Serbia. The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, will provide support in the application of nanotechnology for cancer treatment and imaging, including validation and biocompatibility. Several chemistry Institutions at Vienna University of Technology, Austria, will provide expertise in the development of health-related biosensors.


The main goal of NANOFACTS is to efficiently overcome the networking gaps and deficiencies in research capabilities and collaboration regarding research in cancer theranostics nanomaterials and biosensing diagnostics of cancer, between BIOS and the partner institutions, internationally-leading counterparts at EU level, leading to the enhanced scientific and
technological (S&T) capacity of all the participating institutions with a principal focus on BIOS. In order to widen the research agenda at BIOS with cancer-related research and health-related biosensing technologies, NANOFACTS will harness and improve pre-existing links with two leading European research institutions in the field of nanotechnology and development of biosensors:
• Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Ireland, The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, an expert in application of nanotechnology for cancer treatment and imaging; and its validation, including biocompatibility of nanoparticles/nanodevices.
• Vienna University of Technology (TUW), Faculty of Technical Chemistry, Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry
and Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics, an expert in devising health-related biosensors.
The main strategies to be explored during the project activities will include:
a) BIOS researchers gaining knowledge on devising theranostic nanoparticles for real-time in vivo detection of cancer biomarkers, along with simultaneous targeted cancer therapy and imaging and b) enhancing the capacity of biosensing technologies at BIOS with cancer-related biosensing, including construction of an array of user-friendly personalized point of-care microfluidic and electronic diagnostic devices for electronic and optical sensing of cancer biomarkers, which could be introduced to home disease-monitoring.
Complementarity of the consortium is based on the diversity of the expertise, knowledge and access to the stakeholder communities required for the success of the project.

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