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Second funding line in Work Programme 2018-2020 for the further development of a European SST Service provision function

Project description

Europe's space surveillance system prepares for increased traffic and new challenges

Space has become its own industrial park of sorts, populated by satellites and systems that ensure vital services and products for Europe's economy, including communications, security, and so much more. All this high-tech, expensive and vital technology is orbiting at high speed through the cosmos with other space-based assets and debris left from decommissioned assets and collisions. To mitigate the risk of more collisions in space and of re-entry and damage on the ground, we keep tabs on all this space traffic. The EU-funded 2-3SST2018-20 project will enhance the EU space surveillance and tracking system established in 2014 by fostering European cooperation, enhancing autonomy and adding sensors to address new challenges.


The goal of the 2-3SST2018-20 project is to enhance and evolve the EUSST system in line with the Decision nº 541/2014/EU. Three main objectives have been set for the scope and duration of the activity:
1. Foster European Cooperation in the SST domain: at this respect, the Joint Project Management Team, started in the 1SST2018-20, will be continued and further evolved; special focus will be devoted to Risk Management and KPIs for improving the performance monitoring. A closer supervision of the fulfillment of the schedule and financial commitments, with improved quarterly flash reports, will be carried out. Additionally, technical evolutions will raise cooperation among participants, for example by means of the development of a SW prototype for a coordinated scheduler of sensors and the analysis for the evolution of the EUSST catalogue precursor.
2. Improve the EUSST performance towards larger autonomy: the developments needed for the evolution of the sensor, service and processing functions will be defined for its further deployment into the operational layer. Alignment of the activities under 1SST2018-20 and 2-3SST2018-20 will be ensured by the EUSST Governance, in line with the architecture studies and the users’ needs. Special efforts will be done in the domain of the EUSST Database, the EUSST catalogue precursor, architecture studies and the interaction with stakeholders and users.
3. Pave the way for the evolution of the European SST to respond to new challenges in Space: last, but not least, sensors with high added value to the EUSST system, as identified in the Architecture trade-off will be upgraded. Moreover, studies with sounded technical content will be carried out in all the domains (sensors, data processing and services) to ensure the EUSST is prepared for the new challenges in space


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