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Presentation video

A video promotion of the Project will be released and distributed among the most common social media and will be also available in the website The video will be in addition used to promote the project in regular dissemination activities Task T62

CUSTOM-ART website

The official webpage of the Project will be presented and will include all the information for the dissemination of CUSTOMART to the general society The webpage will be attractive and friendly and will include links to the social media and intranet of the project Task T62


Two brochures will be designed following the images of the Project and will include all the necessary information to disseminate CUSTOMART at two levels 1 A brochure for scientificindustrial dissemination and 2 A brochure for dissemination towards the general society Task T62

Communication and dissemination plan

The plan for communication and dissemination of the Project will be presented including all the templates corporative image and communication and dissemination means will be defined in detail Task T61

CUSTOM-ART Gender Equality Action Plan

A detailed Gender Equality Plan Action will be created and explained to the consortium in M6 Project Meeting and will enclude all the measures and actions to be implemented by the consortium to ensure Gender Equalty at all levels Task T72

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Reduced recombination through the CZTS/CdS interface engineering in monograin layer solar cells

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spectrapepper: A Python toolbox for advanced analysis of spectroscopic data for materials and devices.

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Vapor-Phase Incorporation of Ge in CZTSe Absorbers for Improved Stability of High-Efficiency Kesterite Solar Cells

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KSEMAW: an open source software for the analysis ofspectrophotometric, ellipsometric andphotothermal deflection spectroscopy measurements

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