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An experimentally-validated multi-scale materials, process and device modeling & design platform enabling non-expert access to open innovation in the organic and large area electronics industry

Project description

Novel open innovation platform for materials modelling

The goal of the H2020 call ‘Open Innovation Platform for Materials Modelling’ is to create an open innovation platform for materials modelling to support materials processing and development. Under this call, the EU-funded MUSICODE project aims to create a multiscale materials-process-device modelling platform for the organic and large area electronics (OLAE) industry, featuring integrated data management, ontology-based semantic interoperability across modelling scales and user-friendly workflow design tools, all in close collaboration with academic labs and industrial pilot-lines to adopt and validate industry-accepted modelling protocols. The project will develop a business plan to ensure its sustainability and exploitation with the ambition to become the central open innovation hub for the OLAE industry and a paradigm for cross-domain applications.


MUSICODE is an ambitious project which addresses the H2020 Call DT-NMBP-11-2020 “Open Innovation Platform for Materials Modelling” that will develop a novel Open Innovation Materials Modelling Platform to enable the Organic and Large Area Electronics Industry (OLAE) to expediate accurate and knowledgeable business decisions on materials design and processing for optimization of the efficiency and quality of OLAE device manufacture. This platform will integrate: (a) Material, process and device modelling with workflows spanning the micro-, meso- and macro- scales, validated by expert academic and industry partners. (b) Integrated data management and modelling framework with ontology-based semantic interoperability between scales, solvers, data and workflows, with industry-accepted material and process modelling parameters and protocols, employing graphical user interface tools for workflow design, analysis, optimization and decision making. (c) Plug-ins to Materials Modelling Marketplaces, Open Translation Environment, Business Decision Support Systems, etc. and to High Performance Computing infrastructures for workflow execution. The platform will demonstrate industry user case workflows to optimize OLAE materials selection & design as well as printing and gas-phase manufacturing. The MUSICODE Business Plan will ensure the platform sustainability, exploitation and industrial adoption beyond the project, with the ambition to become the central Open Innovation Hub for the OLAE industry and evolve as the central paradigm for cross-domain applications.

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