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European Researchers' Night Israel 2020

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ERNI2020 (European Researchers' Night Israel 2020)

Reporting period: 2020-05-01 to 2021-04-30

Ever since the European Researchers' Night project initiated, our consortium used it to strengthen ties between the academic community and the public at large, bringing scientists to meet the public at eye level.
We are proud to say that over the years we have achieved that goal by running venues all over the country in both main cities and the periphery while partners also engaged the public by outreach activities at local pubs, cafes, and community centers. We have moved forward with that important concept and opened new venues that will bring scientists to a new audience to increase the number of young people that will personally meet scientists.

This year, following the COVID-19 pandemic we ran an online event attracting more than 14,562 registered users (families) who engaged in 4.7 activities on average which in terms of an online event during an era of online events is a phenomenal success.

Global objectives:
1. Enhancing public recognition of researchers and their work by providing the public and most particularly the younger generation, countrywide, with an opportunity to meet researchers within the context of festive activity and to promote interest in science, as well as to highlight the appeal of pursuing a research career.
2. Render science and scientists more accessible to the public-at-large, with a view to diminishing stereotypes about researchers and their profession. Researchers will demonstrate their hobbies alongside their scientific careers to help remove any stereotypes.
3. Celebrate researchers' and scientists' achievements under the main them of our current times "Science Makes Reality" which is strongly tight to the situation in which we were all waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine. This main theme was chosen to emphasize the important role of scientists and science in our life.
4. Ensure that the ERNI2020 awareness campaigns will be disseminated to the public in the broadcasted, printed, and electronic media, on both national and local levels, in order to reach an estimation of two and a half million people (~30% of the population).
5. Giving the NIGHT a competitive edge in order to call the public to join "yet another educational online event" in an era of the pandemic.
6. Highlight the involvement and contribution of the EU to researchers and research in our virtual campus.

the project has reached its objectives and proved to be successful
In order to make the NIHGT unique and significant, we built a unique virtual campus that hosted all partners including the EU delegation to Israel.
We did open an official website hosting all partner's programs calling the public to register for the event.
We used the Ministry of Science publication power to disseminate the program and call the public to join us during the NIGHT by using traditional and new media means such as influencers.
We prepared more than 250 live activities to make sure each and every guest will be able to follow the science path that interests her/him the most.
Collection, analysis, and processing of 1.076 electronic questionnaires correctly filled in.
o Main conclusions:
o Typology of responders: 63% female, 37% male, 29% youngsters, 5% young adults, and 67% adults.
o Overall positive feedback on the event (activities, interest, contacts with researchers, schedule, and a constant request to continue online over on campuses events);
o Most appreciated activities: experiential science stations and lectures.
o Increased awareness about science, researchers, and the societal impact of their job;
o Increased interest for science careers and science engagement after having taken part in the activities offered;
o Significant stimulation of scientific curiosity through participation in the Night event;
Ada Yonath,Nobel Laureate in her inspiring lecture - how curiosity led Ada the kid to research
3d virtual campus - outside
Science show activity with 253 participants
Haifa University live with UAE event
3d virtual campus - EU-site/booth
3d virtual campus - Information Desk
3d virtual campus - Main Lobby