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Business scale up of an AI tool for the optimal design of power converters

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Design optimisation software will speed delivery of power systems for tomorrow's innovations

Magnetic components are essential parts of power electronics. However, they are perhaps among the least understood, and their design is often neglected until the end of the design cycle. This can result in significant delays in the delivery of new power electronics for new products, often with unsatisfactory results. The Spanish SME SP Control Technologies has developed software to optimise the design of magnetic components and to do so within a few hours rather than over several months, essentially eliminating the design bottleneck created by current methodologies. The market potential is huge. The EU-funded FRENETIC project is helping in the scale-up and testing of the technology and business model in a real operating environment, paving the way for its commercialisation.


Industrial manufacturers of electronic devices face the problem of redesigning the power electronics for each new product that is going to be launched to the market. In this process, the bottleneck is the design of the magnetic components that are present in the power converters. The design of the magnetics takes around 6 months on average and the resulting designs are almost never satisfactory.

Surprisingly, the same design methods have been used for the last decades. These methods generate delays and excessive costs during the manufacturing process and hold back the advancements in power electronics.

SP Control is a company specialized in providing solutions for industrial companies to improve their processes. Our software FRENETIC, based on our proprietary AI technology, has attained great interest in the power converters market due to its capacity to achieve optimal designs for magnetics in just a few hours versus the current 6 months, meaning a design time reduction of nearly 100%.

As a result, it allows to reduce the manufacturing costs and size by half. A minimum viable version of FRENETIC is being commercialised in a software design service model entering the power electronics market and bringing great benefits to our clients. Our objective is to disrupt the power electronics market with the first solution that will allow the industrial companies to obtain optimal designs for their magnetics in a matter of hours, reducing their manufacturing costs and their time-to-market.

In order to take the fully evolved version of FRENETIC to the market, we need to scaleup our business model and demonstrate its value in a fully operative environment. In a market which value in 2023 has been estimated in €46 billion, the successful market uptake of our innovation represents a breakthrough in industrial design and a great business opportunity as large as €5 billion.

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