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Business scale up of an AI tool for the optimal design of power converters

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - FRENETIC (Business scale up of an AI tool for the optimal design of power converters)

Reporting period: 2020-06-01 to 2021-05-31

Description of the action context

Industrial manufacturers of electronic devices face the problem of redesigning the power electronics for each new product to be launched to the market. The bottleneck for this is in the magnetic components of the power converters. This takes around 6 months, and the resulting designs are almost never satisfactory. The same design methods have been used for the last decades, and they generate delays and excessive costs during manufacturing and hold back the advancements in power electronics.

The objective of the project is a cutting-edge platform for design of magnetics that helps designing much faster and without the need for many engineering iterations. Afterwards, our clients will be able to contract the production directly from manufacturers participating in the marketplace of the platform.

Objectives of the work performed

Building a platform capable of designing the magnetic devices in minutes with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence models. These models are trained with data from the laboratory and provide quickly optimal results for the specifications of magnetics.

Developing a marketplace in the platform to get manufacturers involved to provide the designer with quotations for manufacturing of their designs. As the specifications in the platform are uniform for all clients and manufacturers this makes possible to speed up the technical process.

To fully develop the two objectives above it is necessary, not only, considering the technical aspects of computational models and laboratory measurements, but also getting the industry involved in the marketplace which is useful for all clients and manufacturers.
Frenetic has already set-up the laboratory for constructing samples which allows us to train the AI models for magnetics design. The training data measured in the laboratory are supplemented by modelled data from FEM calculations, and other generated by means of Genetic algorithms.

With all this, a prototype version of Frenetic was launched in Dec. 2020 and continues improving with each upgrade of the platform, by adding new features and improving with new characteristics available for magnetics design and connect all stakeholders.

A number of new customers have already enrolled in the platform, having both magnetics designers and manufacturers. The latter are potential candidates to join the marketplace offering their manufacturing services as it is deployed in the platform.
The project developed will create a new category in the power electronics market. Traditionally, engineers have been working without cloud tools and manufacturers without technology. With Frenetic, a new market arises, Frenetic platform will allow Engineers to design magnetic components and connect with manufacturers in a common place, with a common language. In a multicultural industry, the standardization of the process will create business around. Engineers will contact manufacturers for building their magnetics and manufacturers will offer their best technologies to the industry through Frenetic. As a proof of the relevance of this new market, several investing firms have shown interest in participating in the company as well as big corporates. In conclusion, a new economy around the power electronics industry will be possible.