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CardioSignal – Breakthrough apps to detect cardiac conditions to prevent stroke and heart attacks

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Smartphone-based apps for the detection of cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases cause millions of deaths annually. More than 80 % of these deaths are due to heart attack and stroke. The EU-funded CARDIOSIGNAL project will develop a suite of smartphone applications to detect heart conditions and save lives. The breakthrough technology will be able to identify atrial fibrillation (AFib), heart failure (HF) and coronary artery disease (CAD) without additional hardware. It will use a smartphone's gyroscope and accelerometer to measure heart activity by placing the smartphone on the user's chest for 60 seconds. The data is analysed in the cloud and results in a diagnosis. The applications for AFib detection are completed and clinically proven. The current project involves the development of applications for HF and CAD, with regulatory approval and launches across the EU, US and China to follow.


CardioSignal is a suite of breakthrough smartphone apps to detect heart conditions and save lives. It will be the first technology to identify atrial fibrillation (AFib), heart failure (HF) and coronary artery disease (CAD) - all without extra hardware.

Using CardioSignal, people at risk of serious cardiac conditions and their doctors can monitor their heart function quickly and at low cost. The app measures chest vibrations and analyses data in the cloud. Patients with abnormalities are directed to immediate medical attention.

It outperforms Apple Watch, which cannot accurately detect AFib and is incapable of detecting CAD & HF.

Context: 49 million Europeans suffer from cardiovascular conditions annually, resulting in heart attacks and stroke. Early detection and follow-up could save millions of lives.

Solution: CardioSignal apps use a smartphone's gyroscope and accelerometer to measure heart activity across six parameters. Users place the smartphone on their chest for 60 seconds. The cloud-based platform analyses data and returns a diagnosis.

Business Model: (1) HF & CAD: B2B sales to private healthcare companies, big pharma, diagnostics firms. Pharma companies Roche and Novartis are ready to conduct trials, leading to major contracts. (2) AFib: B2B2C sales.

Market Opportunity: 300M potential users in EU, 1B globally. €4.2B TAM in target countries.

Company: Precordior Oy, a medtech spin-off from University of Turku, Finland. Team of 13 highly experienced cardiologists, technologists and sales experts. €3M in funding secured, ready to grow.

Progress: V1 app for AFib detection complete, clinically proven. 19 patents secured. EU Seal of Excellence.

Project: Develop new apps for HF and CAD. Obtain regulatory approval. Launch across EU; US and China to follow.

Impact by 2025: 1.27M at-risk patients and doctors using app daily in EU, USA and China. €85M revenue, €38M EBITDA, 250 FTE.


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