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Fostering science and innovation impact trough organisation in Moldova of European Researchers' Night

Project description

Helping scientists move forward in Moldova

The EU is Moldova’s largest trading partner and biggest investor. The EU’s assistance and support have delivered tangible benefits to Moldovan citizens, including the country’s scientists. The EU-funded MODERNight-2020 project will work to foster science and innovation in the country, with the aim of attracting its young people to science and promoting scientific career opportunities. The project will address many of the issues that have resulted in the drastic reduction of public expenditure on research and development, and it will promote communication between scientists and the public. Moreover, it will carry out a public awareness-raising campaign and promote public recognition of the country’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) beneficiaries.


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the research in the Republic of Moldova faced and continues to face problems related to insufficient financing. Drastic reduction of public expenditures on research and development (R&D), lack of clear normative regulations and motivation for non-public R&D funding have resulted in massive brain-drain, partial destruction of R&D infrastructure, considerable decline of the status of researchers, engineers and of interest of students in scientific studies.
The association in 2011 of the Republic of Moldova to FP7 and in 2014 to H2020 framework programme of EU opened new opportunities and perspectives for researchers from the Republic of Moldova. Nevertheless, in Moldova the status of researchers and engineers remains very low, and the necessity to develop science and technology in the country has been discussed by public for almost three decades.
Therefore, the objectives of the MODERNight-2020 project are the following:
• Promote communication between scientists and public through project event;
• Run an awareness raising campaign of research and innovation activities taking place in the Republic of Moldova;
• Support the public recognition of EU funded researchers, especially beneficiaries of MSCA;
• Emphasize the impact of research and innovation on daily life and social welfare;
• Bring young people into the world of science, innovation and entrepreneurship and encourage them to pursue a scientific career.



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