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Forschung begreifen (Understanding Science and Research)

Project description

Promoting the arts and scientific research

The European Researchers’ Night event in Austria is focussing on three key topics: climate research as climate change represents a major economic and societal concern that mobilises scientists and researchers; citizen science, which has emerged as a means to democratise science and connect the general public to scientific work; and arts and research, which offer an alternative way of seeing the world. The EU-funded Forschung begreifen project aims to open new perspectives on our understanding of the world through the appreciation of the arts and the diversity of research in this domain. The project will promote the arts and research through several pre-event activities such as workshops, conferences, training sessions and participation in innovative activities, aiming to bring science to the general public and encourage young people to embark on scientific and research careers.


As the world is confronted with climate change it is of vital importance to show the impact of global warming and to promote sustainability. Due to this reason, one of three key focuses of the European Researchers’ Night in Austria will be to enhance the understanding and promote current research in the fields of climate and sustainability. The second key focus is citizen science, which is an efficient way to democratise science and to bring the public and science closer together for enhancing both public knowledge as well as understanding of science. Moreover, in order to open up new perspectives of seeing the world, it is more than necessary to understand arts and show the diversity of research in this area. In this context, the third focus of the European Researchers’ Night event “Forschung begreifen” (Understanding Science & Research) in Vienna will be Arts & Research. All three key focuses will be promoted in several pre-event activities such as trainings, workshops, challenges and conferences as well as in a broad spectrum of innovative activities at the actual European Researchers’ Night. This event will incorporate formats such as Science Slams and Science Cafes, more than 60 scientific booths and 16 workshops, as well as social activities to bring public and science closer together, but also to encourage young people to pursue a career in the STEM domains. Researchers from more than 25 domains and almost all significant research institutions in Austria committed to be part of the European Researchers’ Night activities. Moreover, support for the event and its promotion was stated by Austrian ministries (including also financial support), other public stakeholders, funding agencies and initiatives. The project “Forschung begreifen” integrates 5 partners with different competences, backgrounds and public outreach, therefore being able to implement a successful European Researchers’ Night in Austria in 2020.



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€ 56 012,50
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Research Organisations
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€ 10 000,00

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