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SuperScienceMe: REsearch is your R-Evolution - European Researchers' Night

Project description

Enhancing research freedom in Southern Italy

Researchers frequently struggle with publicity and with making the findings of their studies better known to the general public. As part of the European Researchers' Night events organised across Europe, the EU-funded SuperScienceMe project aims to reach the general public, mainly younger crowds, in Calabria and Basilicata and acquaint them with scientific research. The project is proposing a fascinating journey across several epochs of human evolution and science, conveying a crucial message: that research represents an intrinsic characteristic of mankind, being, for this reason, free of any barrier and stereotype. Like human imagination, research cannot be confined or limited.


SuperScienceMe - REsearch is your R-Evolution aims at reaching the general public of Calabria and Basilicata regions in Southern Italy, focusing in particular on the young ones. SuperScienceMe proposes a fascinating journey across several epochs of human evolution and science, to convey the message that research represents an intrinsic character of mankind, being, for this reason, free of any barrier and stereotype. Research is human richness and, just like human fantasy and imagination,can’t be confined nor limited. Research is freedom.
In this historical epoch, the sensibility of people must be brought back to the values of equality and inclusion, strongly promoted and pursued by the European Union. Within this scenario, especially young people must be taken care of and educated in order to appreciate the beauty of diversity. Research can play this game successfully.
Based on these considerations and on the successful previous editions of the NIGHT, SuperScienceMe expands its boundaries, including in the partnership another region of Southern Italy, to promote inclusiveness and equality through Research. The activities of the NIGHT will be developed in research centres as well as in locations which are uncommon for science,like hospitals and juvenile prisons, to explain how research revolutions have driven the fantastic evolution of mankind.
To open their wings towards the general public, researchers will tell the compelling story of research speaking the language of non-experts in science, challenging each other to show that they are nothing but ordinary people, just like everyone else, doing an extraordinary job, which consists in looking at nature and trying to appreciate and understand its elusive secrets.
European Union was conceived on the pillars of a society based on innovation, research, equality and inclusiveness. SuperScienceMe has been thought to reinvigorate these concepts showing the exciting journey of research through the eras of human evolution.


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€ 128 950,00
87036 Arcavacata Di Rende

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Sud Calabria Cosenza
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 176 676,00

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